Moving People and Cargo Safely and Efficiently

Transportation and logistics are essential components to your enterprise’s productivity. Access to real-time data and always-on communications are critical. ValuTrack deploys the technology businesses need to accelerate productivity, profitability and operations. Talk to a ValuTrack Transportation and Logistics specialist to learn more about the benefits of our various solutions.

It takes more than software to deliver a complete Transportation and Logistics solution.


Let us help you with

  • Device Management
  • Yard Management
  • Real-Time Status of Goods in Transit
  • And more…


Device Management


Adding mobile devices to improve your transportation and logistics business enhances customer service, reduces costs and increases productivity. That’s smart business. Now, what is your plan to manage the complexity of having a fleet of mobile devices and their applications? ValuTrack can help you solve the IT complexity, eliminate risk, keep your business secure, and increase productivity with a mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Make the people on the road as productive as they are in the office.

  • Device security
  • Manage what is on the device (applications, data, documents)
  • Remote support allows IT staff to communicate with drivers
  • Track assets / drivers

ValuTrack works with leaders in device management to bring you the best solutions, including:



Direct Store Delivery (DSD)


Looking for an advanced delivery and sales force automation mobility system to help run your business more efficiently? ValuTrack can help drive efficiency into the sales and delivery processes you are looking for in either a cloud based or client-server model. Gain greater visibility and proactive management tools with features like:

    • Distribution Dashboard: Capabilities enable all stakeholders to have real-time visibility to deliveries and delivery status.
    • Route Settlement Dashboard: Features enable delivery routes to be quickly settled at the completion of the day.
    • Route Schedule Optimization: Quickly build route schedules using an advanced graphical mapping interface for the most optimal stop sequence.

Optimize your routes and simplify your management.

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Field Mobility


Field Mobility solutions help your field operations personnel deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost per interaction, with devices and applications that dynamically connect them to one another, to your supply chain and to your customers, all in real time.

The ValuTrack team works closely with you to design and deploy a solution to meet all of your business needs of building deeper customer loyalty and drives growth.


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Temperature / Humidity Monitoring and Tracking


Gain new levels of visibility into the status of goods while in transport. ValuTrack provides an affordable real-time temperature and humidity tracking solution for refrigerated and frozen goods that will alert you should a threshold breach occur. Proactive measures can be taken, serious financial loss eliminated and consumer safety kept intact. Just another example of how we are helping to drive your business in the right direction.

Gain the visibility you need to more effectively run your business.

  • Automate temperature monitoring and eliminate manual checks
  • Provide Real-Time alerts via email and text should a problem occur
  • Provide Audit Logs for Management, Regulators, and Clients
  • Reduce risk of product and financial loss
  • Increase customer safety and satisfaction

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