Drive Growth With A Real-Time Warehouse

Our end-to-end solutions help businesses build a smarter, real-time warehouse which boosts productivity and growth. We help you automate processes and simplify operations using peerless Wi-Fi networks and barcode / RFID systems that give you the information and agility needed to capitalize on customer demand.

Empower workers and boost productivity with powerful mobility tools. Our 100% Wi-Fi coverage guarantee ensures every inch of your warehouse can be connected in real-time.

It takes more than software to deliver a complete Warehouse and Distribution solution.


Let us help you with

All-In-One Mobile Receiving Station


Create an “ALL-IN-ONE” Mobile Receiving Station with your new or current hardware. Replacing stationary desks with an All-In-One Mobile Receiving Station will significantly impact your efficiency by eliminating costly footsteps, reducing worker fatigue, improving labeling accuracy, and increasing dock to stock by 50% or more.



Barcode Label and Design Management


Looking for a high performance label design and printing operation that can be tightly integrated with an existing enterprise system?  ValuTrack has the solutions you need to streamline your shipping and receiving process, while keeping productivity high, reducing errors, and increasing Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Conform to retailers’ carton labeling requirements based on the GS1-128 label specification
  • Design product labels with Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers and barcodes
  • Integrate with larger customers’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using GS1-128 code advance-ship notices
  • Integrate high quality bar code label printing with Enterprise systems and print high-volume label print runs

ValuTrack works with leaders in label management to bring you the best solutions, including:

Cold Storage Real-Time Monitoring


Monitor and manage, temperature and humidity, across all of your cold storage facilities locally or globally from a single dashboard. ClimaTrack’s real-time temperature and humidity monitoring solution alerts you should a problem occur within any of your extreme cooler, refrigerator, chiller, and freezer storage facilities. Using small wireless sensors, the system provides in depth record retention and data analytics. Information necessary for management to make operational improvements and ensure product safety and security for all future shipments.


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Device Management


Remotely manage all of your warehousing employee’s mobile devices from a central management console. Eliminate costly downtime, increase security and control while enhancing worker productivity through the deployment of mobile-enabling solutions. Let us help you build an enterprise mobility strategy that yields tangible results.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Voice Enablement
  • Application Streaming

ValuTrack works with leaders in device management to bring you the best solutions, including:



Electronic Shelf Labels


Display Data’s electronic shelf labels (ESLs) allow you to change label information on the fly, eliminating the printing and reprinting of barcode labels each time you reassign a bin or shelf space to a different sku.  You can also display stock levels and other pertinent information your team needs to ensure the job is done right.  And it’s all run by enterprise software. So, from a single server at your headquarters, you can cost-efficiently and easily monitor, maintain and update every electronic shelf label across your warehouse or network of warehouses regardless of where they are.



Facility Security (IP Cameras + Access Control)


Secure your warehouse by integrating access control and intrusion detection capabilities. Systems that integrate video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection are essential for the overall safety and security of your investments.

ValuTrack works with the industries best to provide the solutions that help prevent industrial accident and loss.


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Mobile Computing

Mobile computing solutions help you maximize workforce productivity, efficiency and customer service. The team of ValuTrack industry experts will help you find the right features for your operations. After understanding your goals, we sort through all the industry leading options evaluating product performance, reliability, Wi-fi and cellular secure wireless communications, centralized management and support plans. We cover literally everything, present you with the options, and our recommendations, so you can make an informed business decision.

Driving efficiency, accuracy and real-time data workflows.


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Multi-Modal and Voice Picking

Process more orders, reduce errors & improve customer service by automating order picking with cost-effective, easy, voice directed picking solutions.

Using the power of voice, scanning and visual cues, workers can perform their work hands-free and without looking up from their task. Voice solutions deliver 99 percent accuracy, improves warehouse productivity by at least 10 percent and dramatically increases employee safety.

Contact ValuTrack today to learn more.


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RFID Tracking


RFID handheld readers, fixed readers, printers and antennas, ValuTrack has the tools, experience and know-how to bring the visibility and insight needed into your business. Across your warehouse and loading docks we help you capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.

Maximize the benefits of RFID with ValuTrack’s help.


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Terminal Emulation


Mobile terminal emulation is used in production by thousands of enterprise customers across industries to ensure the integrity and security of their mission-critical mobile applications on any mobile device. Terminal emulation applications install in minutes and eliminates virtually all dropped sessions with high speed, secure application access.

  • Productivity
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Security

Talk to a ValuTrack expert today to learn more about the benefits of our terminal emulation solutions.


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Two-Way Radio Communications

Better communications mean greater productivity. Motorola’s portfolio of business two-way radios will help your warehousing staff communicate better, connecting them to the real-time informational intelligence they need to save time, drive down costs and work more safely.

  • Shipping and Receiving Personnel
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Security Personnel

Talk to a ValuTrack Two-Way Radios specialist today to request more information.


Visitor Management and Access Control


Secure your facilities and assets with an Access Control solution. The right visitor management and access control solution keeps you informed of who is in the facility, who they are visiting and how long they spent there and controls their access to only the areas you designate as permissible to visit.

Key Benefits:

  • Control employee and visitor door access
  • Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in
  • Improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations
  • Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily
  • Talk to a ValuTrack expert today to learn more about Visitor Management.


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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)


ValuTrack, offers real-time, browser based warehouse management software solutions that can be configured to fit the needs of companies of any size. From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfillment, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is vital to improving the efficiency of a company’s warehouse operations. ValuTrack can integrate your warehouse management system with a wireless network, mobile computers, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, and voice picking applications. By utilizing today’s technology, we help fully extend your enterprise to the mobile worker, while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer service.

Talk to a ValuTrack supply chain expert today to learn more about HAL Systems.


Wireless Networks


The power of a wireless network done right, allows you to see the location, motion and state of enterprise assets, people, and transactions. ValuTrack has a 100% WLAN coverage guarantee putting you in control to track, analyze and mobilize as your business requires to get the job done right and on time.

Upgrading an existing network or starting new, the ValuTrack wireless team can assist from the site survey to full implementation and post support services.