Mobile Computers

Capture real-time data and deliver on-the-go productivity with mobile computers. Our industry leading partner’s solutions provide the versatility of integrated voice and data mobile computing, allowing you to capture and exchange business-critical information according to your specific enterprise demands. Mobile computers equip you’re on-the-go workforce with the devices they need for success wherever they are.

Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service levels, inside the four walls or out in the field, with handheld mobile computers.

There are many choices and many purpose built devices on the market today. Let a mobile computing expert from ValuTrack help you evaluate and choose the right solution for your application.  We carry all the major brands: Zebra, Motorola-Symbol, Honeywell, Intermec, AML, Bartec, Datalogic, Janam, Unitech and more.

Handheld Computers

Minimize errors and improve productivity for everyday tasks using handheld mobile computers. Collect data, both manually entered and/or captured by scanning barcodes or RFID tags, quickly and efficiently. ValuTrack offers scalable, reliable handheld mobile computing solutions that integrate with your current systems, capturing data on-the-go and keeping operations running smoothly.

Our wide selection of handheld computers span Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic, Intermec, AML and more. With particular models geared for specific industries such as healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail – the choices can be overwhelming. Our ValuTrack experts can help you narrow down the options and choose the best product for your specific application. To learn more about handheld computers and which is best for your business give us a call.

Healthcare Computers

Easy to carry, easy to use and easy for patient monitoring, ValuTrack can provide you with mobile computers that are designed for life inside the hospital. Today’s technology is able to endure everyday drops and bumps as well as disinfecting after each patient. And robust wireless application performance and wireless connectivity options allows healthcare givers to focus on patient monitoring on the go with access to patient records, accurately administer medication, monitor patient vital signs, place lab and pharmacy orders, view test results and more – all in just seconds anywhere inside the facility. Desktop-like multimedia performance optimized for longer shift life.

Industrial Cold Storage

Does your workforce need to operate in extremely cold environments? ValuTrack offers devices built to meet your scan-intensive picking requirements while being tough enough to handle the extremely cold environments you operate in. Our portfolio of mobile computers are engineered to operate flawlessly regardless of the dramatic temperature swings they encounter from extreme cooler, refrigerator, chiller, or freezer conditions.

Hazardous Environment Computers

In hazardous environments, safety is paramount – that much is clear. However, when it comes to finding devices that can get the job done both safely and efficiently, the choices can seem complex.

ValuTrack provides a complete range of integrated devices for both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. We offer non-incendive and intrinsically safe mobile computers that provide seamless integration with your operations and other systems. Talk to a ValuTrack mobile expert to ensure all of your safety and productivity goals are achieved.

Mobile Technology

Wearable Mobile Computers

Wearable mobile computers give workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level. ValuTrack can help you combine the hands-free mobility of wearable technology with your software applications, helping you to replace complexity with productivity.

Studies have shown that multi-modal speech-directed solutions vs. voice-only solutions deliver double digit benefits in the warehouse. Learn how our wearable solutions can enable greater workflow efficiency in your organization by contacting a ValuTrack expert today.