Vehicle Mount Computers:

Add Services and Consumables for a complete solution

Rugged Tablets

Consumer tablets are not built for business, and don’t offer the wide range of accessories you need to provide your workers with the right features and your IT department with easy backroom management. Rugged Enterprise Tablets address this gap by providing a comprehensive line of accessories that allow you to tailor data capture features, rugged specifications and power management for your workforce, while providing your IT team with all the accessories they need for easy backroom management and efficient use of backroom space.

Rugged Tablet User Environments:

Field service

  • Mobile service dispatch
  • Work order management
  • Asset tracking
  • Maintenance/inspection
  • Meter reading

Field sales

  • Route accounting/DSD
  • Customer relations
  • Pre-sales/order management
  • Merchandising/survey
  • Mobile payment

Transportation & Logistics

  • PoD/DSD sign off
  • Yard and warehouse management
  • Routing/scheduling
  • Cargo/container tracking
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Asset management


  • Inventory management
  • Assisted selling
  • Price verification
  • MPOS
  • Line busting

Warehouse and Distribution

  • Warehouse and yard management
  • Returns processing
  • EDI transactions


  • Inventory management
  • Supply-line replenishment
  • Safety testing
  • Maintenance/repair
  • Shop floor communications
  • Compliance verification
  • Receiving/put away/shipping


  • Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) (safety and weapons inspections, vehicle maintenance)
  • Asset tracking and visibility (IT assets, military supply chain, inventory control)
  • Inspections and audits


Zebra marries the best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features you need to increase workforce productivity, with a real business class return on your investment. Your workers get the elegant personal tablet styling they want, while you get a rugged tablet designed to last for years, exceptional battery power, enterprise-class first-time every time rapid data capture — from 1D and 2D bar codes, photos and NFC tags, plus enterprise-class security for your data and centralized manageability.

Whether your users are inside or outside the four walls, our comprehensive family of business accessories makes it easy to customize this tablet to meet the specific needs of just about any job.


Designed for extensive mobile use, Toughpad® offers manufacturing and warehouse workers a unique and rugged way to get work done on anywhere the job takes them. Ultra-mobile Toughpad tablets ensure maximum efficiency and productivity by keeping the back office, warehouse, plant managers, engineers and field workers connected, efficient and highly productive. Built to go wherever personnel need to go, the Toughpad lineup are responsive even when wearing heavy gloves — provides easy access to information, orders and instructions.

With the ability to run reports, re-route materials, track work orders and more even in the harshest weather and heavy industrial environments with minimal downtime and at a low total cost of ownership, Toughpad tablets deliver performance you can rely on now and in the future.