Wireless Network Services

The wireless network is the backbone of productivity. An improperly installed wireless system can have negative financial impacts beyond productivity. ValuTrack puts our proven experience and wireless consulting best practices to work for you, ensuring 100% coverage and satisfaction.

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Wireless Site Survey

A ValuTrack wireless local area network (WLAN) site survey is a physical survey of the premise where the network will be installed.
A WLAN site survey can help you:

  • Determine equipment requirements and ensure proper installation.
  • Maximize wireless traffic utilization.
  • Ensure your wireless system is the most efficient and cost effective solution for your wireless networking and data collection processes.

Our experts review many key elements during the survey:

Location – Our experts identify the best locations for access point placement so the network can provide optimal wireless coverage and maximum performance.

Environmental Factors – Many factors can disrupt coverage, such as building construction materials, types of products in the building, racking systems, freezers, and other RF devices already installed.

Network Specifications – If required, during the survey process, specifications are carefully developed for the required network layout and cabling.In the end we provide a detailed final report along with recommendations on the right solutions, for your environment, to attain your business goals.

Wireless System Assessment

A Wireless System Assessment is a deep dive evaluation of your current wireless infrastructure and mobile device landscape. Our wireless experts walk through your manufacturing floor, warehouse, or distribution center to identify potential areas in which we may be of service to you. We talk to users to get hands on assessments while evaluating factors such as:

  • Wireless coverage
  • Interference
  • Access point & mobile device configuration
  • Physical structure

We use state-of-the-art tools to assess RF coverage, channel congestion, firmware problems, configuration mistakes, rogue devices, power settings, as well as, devices in need of repair – to name a few of the most common problems we find.

Upon completion of our site assessment, ValuTrack will provide a report of all findings accompanied with solutions to address any problems found.

WLAN Infrastructure

Your WLAN infrastructure is critical to your business operations, it ensures you know what is happening in your enterprise in real-time, helping you make smarter faster decisions. Our certified wireless engineers have the tools, training and experience to deliver a robust, scalable solution that meets your business needs today while preparing for tomorrow.

A ValuTrack complete system installation creates a seamless operating environment, connecting all of your mobile computing, scanning, vehicle-mount units, tablets or RFID solutions. We address all facets of your WLAN infrastructure from the network cabling to the gigabit switches. Using the knowledge gained via our comprehensive Wireless Site Assessment and Wireless System Assessment services our wireless engineers will recommend and can deploy a WLAN solution to take your business to the next level of productivity and efficiency.